Metallo-complexes with functionalised tripodal ligands as molecular recognition devices


project PN-II-RU-TE-2011-3-0252 (contract nr. 33/2011)

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This project is devoted to the design, synthesis and investigation of chemical and physical properties of complexes with tripodal ligands bearing functional groups (amino, carboxylato, -OH) or biological residues, such as amino-acids, oligopeptides, urea or guanidinium fragments. This kind of project is basically interdisciplinary implying techniques and principles from domains as: organic chemistry (synthesis of minutely designed organic molecules), coordination chemistry (the proper use of metallic ions for self-assembly with organic ligands in order to obtain the desired metalloarrays), molecular magnetism (investigation and rationalization of the magnetic properties), supramolecular chemistry and biochemistry (recognition or bio-recognition between complementary fragments).